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ARC is a waste-to-energy plant with emphasis on sustainability.
It’s also a skiing slope. Designed by Bjarke Ingels.

With the skiing slope on the roof top and Denmark’s hardest climbing wall on the side, its central location in the middle of Copenhagen has the dual justification of being close to where waste is produced, as well as being a center of recreation for the public.
Agency: e-Types
Producer, ARC: Susanne Felland
Producer, e-Types: Mads Elleberg Pedersen
Manuscript: ARC & Julie Trojaborg
Art Director / Designer: Anna Høy Mikkelsen
Boards and additional design: Jesper Bolther
Animation: Jesper Bolther
Sound Design: Sono Sanctus

CO2 Capture

Sort your plastics

ARC takes in and gives back

From waste to energy

Recycling centres as part of the city