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Video thumb design by Hey Jack Studio

We Love Graphic Design 2022,
Opening Titles

This project is a deep dive into the vast possibilities of the contemporary graphic designer: From old school Photoshop effects to beta-released Illustrator features, from AI images to computer generated patterns, to browser-based 3D, etc.

Hey Jack designed the visual identity and had come up with a wonderful, vibrant universe on the topic of “Process”. I.e., the fun – often frustrating and chaotic – process of the graphic designer.

Expanding on the chaotic process, I wanted to portray a scenario where you have the time and the freedom to explore and play around with all the new ideas, methods, and tools you can think of.

Special thanks to Nothing Studio for conjuring up the lush 3D animations that interact with the speaker names (minus the butterfly).

Turn up your speakers to enjoy Joe Basile’s playful music and sound design.
Spot the coughing if you can.

Visual Identity & Design: Hey Jack Studio
Direction, Animation & Design: Friction
3D Animation: Nothing Studio
Audio Services: Sanctus
Music & Sound Design: The Chicken Sound

Software in use
Adobe Illustrator, beta version

Adobe Photoshop, desktop
Adobe Photoshop, iPad
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D
Cellular Automata by Ksawery Kirklewski
Pixelator by Ksawery Kirklewski

Video thumb design by Hey Jack Studio, 3D by Nothing Studio

Speaker 1: Victo Ngai

Theme: Hilma af Klint

This section is born out of a mix of happy accidents and some inspiration from one of my favorite minimalist geometric artists, Hilma af Klint.

↑ Happy accidents! Trying to solve a design problem, I was playing around with the Threshold effect in Photoshop when I discovered that it can be used for animating gradients.

↑ Frame by frame in Adobe Illustrator Beta

↑ Frame by frame in Adobe Illustrator Beta

↑ Came across the Dancing Dissolve blending mode for an alternative “shiny floor reflection”.

Video thumb design by Hey Jack Studio, 3D by Nothing Studio

Speaker 2: Henrik Kubel

Theme: Kinetic typography

The poster in this section is built mainly from a modular typeface based on Degular, created in After Effects. 

↑ Each character is divided into 9 rectangles. For each you can individually set and animate glyph, weight, fill, stroke, and distortion.

↑ On the left, the words are manipulated along a path in Cinema 4D.
The characters on the right are animated from Light to Black using shape-layer morphing.

Video thumb design by Hey Jack Studio, 3D by Nothing Studio

Speaker 3: Giorgia Lupi

Theme: Computer generated graphics

Currently, one of the most interesting design tools for generating geometric patterns with a touch of randomness is Cavalry.

There’s also a super interesting, rapidly growing scene of programmers / graphic designers using creative code. One of them is Ksawery Kirklewski. I got permission to use a couple of his tools for this project.

↑ The flow of pixelated fluid is created using the highly addictive program CELLULAR AUTOMATA GENERATOR by Ksawery Kirklewski.

Video thumb design by Hey Jack Studio

Speaker 4: Katinka Bukh

Theme: AI images

AI generated images hold immense creative potential, no question about that. Does it hold an equal amount of drawbacks?

↑ DALL-E, promt: “butterfly seen from above fluid marble pattern clean background”

↑ Early concept. DALL-E, promt: “skeleton windsurfer big wave”

↑ Early concept. Midjourney, promt: “skeleton windsurfer big wave”

Video thumb design by Hey Jack Studio, 3D by Nothing Studio

Speaker 5: Celeste Mountjoy

Theme: 3D for all

Some play with a few of the newest 3D tools that are easy to use and at the hands of most graphic designers: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, and Spline Tool.

↑ Created using Spline Tool

↑ Created in Adobe Illustrator, frame by frame animation

↑ Created by manually mapping several instances of an image onto the W in 3D space using Procreate. The image is created in Midjourney.

↑ Created using PIXELATOR by Ksawery Kirklewski