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Friction 2.0 is a distorted geometric typeface that intentionally puts emphasis on it’s graphic appearance. The minimalistic core of the typeface is built around geometric shapes. Two secondary layers of graphic elements create more abstract letterforms. The many small moving parts create a fluttering, organic feeling

Friction 2.0 is available as Adobe After Effects file for versions CS5 and up, at

You can download a free, static OTF version here 


Main features

Friction Core
With a simple click on a check box in the control panel you can activate a minimal typeface that has the same fluttering animation as Friction Regular, but with all the secondary graphic elements animating off, leaving just the core of the characters.

Layer Separation
By controlling the opacity on each of the 3 layers you can separate and color them to e.g. use the secondary layers as graphic debris in your design.

More Glyphs
The font now holds 102 symbols, numbers and characters.


Design & Animation: Jesper Bolther

Music: Anna Lidell –
Design and animation assistant: Emil Skydsgaard
Live footage: Julie Trojaborg –