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We Love Graphic Design 2021,
Opening Titles

The ambition for this year’s opening titles was to create a string of simple animation experiments based on minimalistic, poster-like designs. Zooming in on some of the little details that we all as graphic designers encounter every day, then exploring them in an animated version. Like, what happens when the two end points in a gradient cross each other? Or can we create the feeling of a wave simply by moving a curved line behind a mask? What does a pattern of randomly created dots of color feel like?

To enhance the visual concept that was conceived by Le Bureau – a concept that contrasts the clean and elegant with the raw and handcrafted – the film is created with a mix of different animation styles. Some entirely hand drawn, some handheld and inspired by stop-motion, and some just clean, traditional keyframing.

Design: Le Bureau + Jesper Bolther
Animation: Jesper Bolther
Music + Sound Design: Sanctus